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Parents` Day 2022

Parents` Day  
July 2022
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Parents` Day is in 2022 on a Sunday (July 24, 2022)

This is no special holliday. But it is Sunday so probably you already have a day off.

When is Parents` Day?

DateWeek Number.Days until
Parents` Day
Sunday 24 July 2022 Week 29180

What is Parents` Day?

Parental figures in the United States receive the recognition for the role they play in their children`s lives on Parents` Day. The day aims to promote responsible parenting and to recognize positive parental role models. It celebrates the special bonds of love between parental figures and their children. Parents` Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday each year. Citizens, organizations, and federal, state, and local governmental and legislative entities are encouraged to recognize Parents` Day through proclamations, activities, and educational efforts to recognize, uplift and support the role of parents in bringing up their children. The Parents` Day Council plays an active role in celebrating and promoting Parents` Day through a range of events and activities. For example, the council honors `Parents of the Year` at local, state and national levels. Those who have been nominated or selected are people who exemplify the standard and ideal of positive parenthood. Exemplary parents from each state are nominated for `National Parents of the Year`. Parents` Day is a popular time for people to send cards and gifts, including flowers, cakes and food hampers, to those who play an important role as a positive parental figure in their lives. It is also a time for families to come together for lunches or dinners. Special tributes to parental figures who are seen as role models are made through local announcements, at church services, or at local community events. Parents` Day proclamations and rallies have been held in recent times and involved organizations such as the United Civil Rights Councils of America. See also Parents` Day on Wikipedia.



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